Now we are interesting in following type of business

1.Technical, legal, and practical support establishment of international of business opportunities. Technical and legal support, advice, and consultation of trading of pharmaceutics, medical related equipment, etc. Licensing of pharmaceutics, and medical equipment and relating to japanese, european, and north american companies. Assistance in the licensing of medicine, cosmetics, medical equipment and related items in the far east involving japan, korea, roc (taiwan), hong kong, thailand, philippine etc.
- Drug (both otc and doctor's)
- animal drugs, vaccine - diagnostic reagent
- medical equipment (all aspects)
- hospital beds (especially special purpose) we also have the capability to deal the above items. International business consultation for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, medical equipment and the products concerned with health care related products manufacture.
- To assist the developments of international strategic relationships between non-japanese and japanese company.
- Marketing research in the far east and ireland.
- Technical, legal and practical support of inspection and business mission.
- Translation and interpretation in the medical and engineering field.
- Arrangement of business meeting.

2.Development, designing, planning, trading wholesales, retailing of research equipment for medical and pharmaceutical science. Development, designing, planning, trading wholesales, retailing of computer based research equipment for medical pharmaceutical science, and natural science. Also, la related products and technology.

3. Development, designing, planning, trading wholesales, and retailing of equipment for handicapped-person.

4. Sales and trading of fixture for office, hospitals, research institute. Sales and trading of hospital bed, body weighing system for patients, consumption products for hospital, etc.

5. Trading of medicine, cosmetics, animal drug, diagnostic agent, and related items concerned with hospital and public hygiene. Knowledge-based products and business in medical field. Unique medical equipment.
- Equipment or devices for spinal injury, decubitus, trauma, burn injury, immobile patients, dementia etc.
- Highly inventive equipment, devices, and material. Every type of product, item, service, training etc. For use by doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical laboratories, universities and related organizations.
- Educational services
- translation and proof-reading service
- stationery and filing equipment
- computer, peripherals, software etc.
- Office fixture

6. Development, trading, wholesales and retailing of marine and mountaineering reassure related products. That is, scuba diving, mountaineering, water fall climbing related equipment and products.

7. Trading and sales of fabric, and other kinds of sewing related materials. Design and preparation of clothes for ladies and gentlemen.

8. Translation and interpretation services, in the computer, chemistry, pharmaceutical science, medical sciences, and trading related field are particularly excellent. How capable are we ? How can we assist your business/research ?


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